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December 07, 2022
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Hi! I’m Val. I live in Apex, NC.

I joined the Somerville, NJ studio in May of 2017 and went On Demand in 2020. My first 6 weeks were really challenging (who knew I couldn’t actually do a sit-up 😆). And then I did my first challenge in July and I was hooked. A thousand or so classes later and here I am😊❤️🍑

So that’s why I post today. Not to brag but to continue to keep myself accountable.

Through ups and downs, moving and even a broken arm, I’m so happy to be part of this community.

Here’s my story documented via social media.

November 27, 2022
We are so excited to see you in our brand-new community! Feel free to share your stories by hitting “New Post” button.
February 27, 2023

I loved this challenge and I wish there were another one to motivate me to do classes more often. I feel stronger and happier. Will always love full tucks, but I learned more about quickie and quick tucks during the challenge. Love SBOD. Thanks ladies!

December 02, 2022

Hi Tribe! I am SOOOOOO excited for our new platform! all the features, all the fun. Cant wait to connect with you on here :)

January 30, 2023

Hi. Are we limited to the number of classes we can access with the new platform? Thanks

January 27, 2023

I am thinking of buying weighted balls but the store has been out of them. What diameter and weight are the ones that you use/recommend?

December 08, 2022

This is so exciting! I love that we can have a library of our favorite classes!