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Nancy Derbyshire

Sep 12 at 09:34 AM

thanks Shawna Janelle Logan. That was a super tough full tuck. low V elevator, pretzel w/ weighted ball. got me shaking. hugs 531 baby


Aug 24 at 05:09 PM

yowza....sweating...needed that.   thanks!


Aug 16 at 01:33 PM

love this full tuck: great music mix, fun, and tough. after a week off, I really felt that seat/divot. hugs ladies. 529


Aug 04 at 04:45 PM

woo hoo love this quickie 105. just in time for my 45th class. I needed a quickie today because I already did yoga.  Loved pretzel with ball (yikes) and elevators. hope to get another tuck in before 8/15, off to ADKS for camping now ladies. East coast sending love to you. xoxo 528/C45


Aug 03 at 11:34 AM

again, a great tuck. "What the baby taketh away, SBOD giventh back" xoxo 527/C44


Aug 02 at 12:27 PM

barre naked! 526/C43


Aug 01 at 10:14 AM

who doesn't like extra glides? Me!  But thank you for pushing me. Great Full Tuck. 525/C42


Jul 31 at 03:45 PM

if someone says you look crazy, who cares? you'll have sexy thighs!    true that Kendall!



Jul 27 at 02:46 PM

Studio Barre Nation becomes Team Long Legs little by little. And yes, I do dread plank until it's over! xoxo Love you too ladies! So much fun. Going to see Pilobolus tonight. Awesome dance troupe if you ever get a chance. 



Jul 26 at 09:36 AM

Ouch! my divot is frozen!  Great tuck. Thanks Shawna for reminding me to release my jaw, breathe, square off, lower shoulders, etc. You help us keep it honest! xoxo.