Nancy Derbyshire

Mar 26 at 01:17 PM

thanks Megs! 555 baby. its been a while.

Feb 15 at 06:08 AM

whos a good girl? 554 c15 xoxo

Feb 13 at 01:49 PM

yes, my shoulders become my earrings! thanks for the reminder to keep them down. And the unicorn dust to releve worked. killer side L with weighted ball.  and abs did get real when we took hands off at end. Just what i needed after another day sitting on my %^&*.  xoxo 553/Challenge 14

Feb 12 at 12:54 PM

Favorite Thigh was thigh # 1: glides on releve. And booty not on floor for once! love this class. xoxo 552/challenge 13

Feb 10 at 05:27 AM

kickass FT under 55 mins. xoxo challenge 12

Feb 08 at 06:43 AM

love love love. "Making Divots" with Janelle. Best queing ever and never misses a beat and hell yeah We're not scared of anything, we've got 4 year olds! xoxo   550 classes, challenge 11 (dunno if I'll make 30 by end Feb but it's fun trying)


Feb 06 at 02:34 PM

just what I Needed after sitting on my ass all day!  tough knee dancing and seated extension. i doubled up on 5s. thanks K! 549 challenge 10


Feb 01 at 06:36 AM

Yes, turn up the volume to drown out my thoughts! Was anyone able to hover back leg during cardiologist snack plie lunges? For a split second or two here.  Shaking for sure this one! 548 challenge 9

Jan 30 at 06:41 AM

Phew tough one, shaking for sure! C8 547 xoxo

Jan 26 at 05:44 AM

This was probably one of the hardest full tucks ever, but then again they all feel like that!  J GIRL you didn't skip a beat (literally), cueing and leveling up were excelente,  and had me laughing! Xoxo 546 classes,  challenge 7