Lara Ewoniuk

May 01 at 09:40 PM

So good!!

Apr 29 at 06:59 PM

Great class!!!

Apr 22 at 03:15 PM

So good!!! 

Mar 07 at 03:18 PM

Great class Krisi!!


Mar 01 at 07:15 PM

Great class, thank you!!


Jan 30 at 05:10 PM

Hi. Are we limited to the number of classes we can access with the new platform? Thanks

Jan 22 at 05:58 PM

So fun, thank you!!

Jan 16 at 02:01 PM

Great class!!!

Jan 05 at 07:05 PM

Love the class and the new warm up!! Thank you!!

Jan 04 at 07:49 PM

Great class Shawna!! Luv the new warm-up too!!